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Photography by Joe Klarer in his Calaveras Enterprise article.

Verdevis functions not only as an intensive growing system but also as an educational tool. The system covers many subject areas such as agriculture, environmental sustainability, and critical thinking. Since Verdevis is open source, we encourage innovation and experimentation using the system. Here are a few guiding questions that can spur thinking:

In our book, Cultivating Greater Solutions: The Intensive Microgreen Growing System, Powell Scholars came together to write about various topics that relate to the Verdevis system, such as sustainability, light and electricity, biology, microgreens, invention, and innovation. If you are interested in obtaining a bound color copy of the book, it is available on Amazon. You may also download a pdf version of the book here.

This project was created in order to fulfill a need in the community. However, there are many other needs that can be met in the local, national, and global communities. Verdevis is an example of the impact a few individuals can make when they come together to make their home a better place. Think of the problems and needs in your community. What might you be able to do to address these problems and needs?